21 February 2008

Malaysia Airlines Travel Fair VS Air Asia Mega Sale 2008

Date : 22-24 February 2008 (3 days)
Venue : KLCC
Travel Period: info not available as the website not accessable
Best Deals : Phuket as low as RM79. Amsterdam RM1009. Details please read today's The Star and you'll know how far can you go.

Date : 18-24 February 2008 (7 days)
Travel Period : 24 June 2008- 11 January 2009
Best Deals: Domestic and international fares as low as RM0.05
Venue: via online @ http://www.airasia.com/site/en/home.jsp

Then what are you waiting for Laila? Hehehe...don't know where to go....

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