11 August 2008

God’s Special Child

Sajak ini benar-benar menyentuh hati saya... Jika kau punya hati, mari kita kongsikan bersama....

I’m sending you a special child to cherish in my name,
For you to love with all your hearts, and teach her just the same,
For she is not like other babes, nor she will ever be,
But can you love her just the same, and take good care of her for me.
She may not see, or hear, or run, or learn as others do,
But she’ll be yours and she will take her guidance from all of you.
The road is hard, she’ll break your heart, you’ll cry a million tears,
But I promise when she smiles at you the pain soon disappears.
I know you’ll cry, ‘why her? Why us?’ but I needed teachers true,
And that is why with care and trust, I’ve selected you.
So please don’t turn your back on her, although she may be slow,
If you’ll accept her as she is, then together you will grow.
She needs to learn the skills of life, for that I’ve chosen you,
And with your love to guide her, I know you’ll see her through.
Don’t try to see the future, I promise that to none,
Just live each day for all it’s worth, and enjoy my special one.

Author unknown.

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