27 October 2008

Buah tu namanya Atemoya

Dari Wikipedia:-
The atemoya, Annona ×atemoya, is a cross between two tropical fruits – the sweetsop (Annona squamosa) and the cherimoya (Annona cherimola) – which are both native fruits of the tropical Americas. This fruit is popular in Taiwan where it is known as the "pineapple sweetsop" (鳳梨釋迦) and is sometimes mistaken for a cross between the sweetsop and the pineapple. In Cuba this fruit is called mamon, and in Venezuela chirimorinon.
An atemoya is normally heart-shaped or rounded, with pale-green, easily-bruised, bumpy skin. It is very juicy and smooth, with the white flesh tasting slightly sweet and a little tart, reminiscent of a Piña Colada. There are many inedible black seeds throughout the flesh of the atemoya. The seeds are toxic.
Terima kasih kak lina!

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